Here is a copy of the Belhaven and Spott report for the 2019 AGM.


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APRIL 2016
You forget! 
Until you take that bird’s eye view, consider the overview…. you can easily forget how much has happened, what has been achieved…what is beautiful to remember.
Which is why the Annual Report serves us so well, giving opportunity to revisit high points, celebrate champions, and notice the areas of the life of the church that need attention, require further consideration, or might offer fruitful opportunity for development.
It has certainly been a year in which the life of our congregations has been enhanced and enriched by new people, sharing happily in the life of our churches.
Most recent has been Clarence Tungunu from Zimbabwe, come to share the experience of church life in Scotland and to bring his own smile, warmth and spiritual energy. We miss him.
And before Clarence we had Jaqueline Waugh, training with us before moving on to continue her studies.  She was such a people person she soon wound cords of affection around our hearts.  We miss her too.

Here is a copy of the Belhaven and Spott report for the 2018 AGM.


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APRIL 2015



“Still amazing…after all these years”


I looked around the Church on Sunday 11th January, as the New Year rolled into life, and my heart was warmed by the sight of so many people – committed, caring, supportive, faithful, loving , embracing, generous and committed people. This was where I wanted to be – these were the people I wanted to be among. This was the church I wanted to serve. The passion was as strong as ever, the sense of purpose clear and firm, and the feeling of being in the right place, working shoulder to shoulder with the most amazing group of people alongside whom it has been my privilege to serve for almost 37 years – that feeling of togetherness and Christian love was deeply felt , genuine – and well-founded. Belhaven and Spott Churches – still amazing after all these years! My blessing and my delight.


If 2013 had been something of an Annus Horribilis for my life – and it had been…then 2014 brought astonishing undreamt of joys, personally and within the life of the congregations an d their development and progress. New people into our story – fresh initiatives to explore – additional opportunities for the church to serve the parish and bear witness to the Gospel…and most of it unexpected and fresh.


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