If faith is in us, that means it goes where we go -


into the dramas, into the ordinariness, into our relationships, into our responsibilities, into the mystery of the future.



Beliefs are sometimes inconvenient things to have.

They require that we stand up and be counted.

They separate us off, sometimes, from others.

Occasionally, unless we are living holy lives, they make us intolerant.

But, without them…without convictions dearly held, and carefully thought through, we trade being men and women of true humanity - for a quiet life.

Not much of a deal.








When all eternal dimensions are denied; when spiritual hunger is dismissed; when the true status of each individual life as a miracle of God's creative love and purpose is undermined - no wonder the world shudders and groans in pain, no wonder so many lives are full of anguish and anxiety.


When Man is God - we see the wreckage all around us and feel the pain of a world without a soul.




The thing about museums is that you can wander in and no-one bothers you.  But the Church is not the custodian of ancient exhibits and sacred relics…but a living force for God...where all the wounded can come for healing.  The Church is there to make a difference - to be an agent of rebirth and reconciliation - not simply to cling by the fingertips to the fading memories of past glories.







Love without boundaries is here in the Sacrament. Salvation without reservation is here. It is finished. The work is complete. The last word has been spoken.

Bread and wine say loud and clear

Have no fear. You matter. You are free.

So we are entitled to sing and to smile.


Nothing can ever be the same again. Because he lives, striding victorious across the world.







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