Perhaps you're new to Dunbar and would like to find out in more detail what goes on when at Belhaven Parish Church? Well, here are some important contacts if you're interested in getting in touch with particular groups.

Please note that our minister's usual day off is Monday.

We have been advised by the Church of Scotland not to include contact details on the website.  We will however shortly be adding a form that allows direct contact with each of those below.



The Minister Currently vacant, with The Rev Brian Hilsley acting as locum.    

The Session Clerk

James Wildgoose    


Jessie Gold    

Congregational Board Chair

please contact the Session Clerk     

Hall Lettings

Mary Young    

Flower Rota

Mary Young    

Sunday Tea and Coffee Rota

Dorothy Wildgoose    

Car Rota

Diana Mackie    

Safeguarding Coordinator

Margaret Cannon    


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