We will be continuing on our regular fortnightly basis.  We plan to complete the Fruitfulness on the Frontline series (one more session) and then move on to one or two new things – possibly some more bible based series – but still for discussion.

One hope that we harboured early on was to encourage the development of further House Groups perhaps with different interests or on different evenings or times of the day.  This has not yet happened – but we still maintain this hope.

We would be pleased to see anyone at our Group meetings – they will be clearly advertised in the Sunday Orders of Service.  Please don’t feel that these meetings are for the “interested” few.  They are not.  They are for anyone who would like to discuss the Christian faith and to grow in it.   

For anyone wishing to look at some of the series we have already covered in the Group meetings I would be happy to lend out the video material on Towards Belief and Fruitfulness on the Frontline that I have.  The Prayer Course material can be downloaded from the internet – by searching “Prayer Course”.

I will provide brief summaries of the Group’s progress from time to time.


James Wildgoose

January 2017. 

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