We are sending two TRADE AID boxes with Graeme Glover in August. These are provided through ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.

1.    The TEACHER BOX contains satchels, exercise books, skipping ropes, cricket set, tennis set, calculators, etc– SEE BELOW

2.    The TAILOR BOX contains sewing machine, work bench and everything necessary for sewing including an assorted pack of materials – SEE BELOW

There are boxes for MECHANIC/ CARPENTER/ ELECTRICIAN also but we will wait until we have done this first trial run before we talk to Clarence and the Eiffel Flats congregation later this year.

After Clarence’s visit with us earlier this year we had a lunch for Eiffel Flats which raised      approximately £ 460.00.

Each box costs £ 425.00 delivered so BELHAVEN CHURCH are paying for one box and DUNBAR ROTARY have agreed to fund the other.

If you have any MONEY RAISING IDEAS like ANDREW BROWN’S 1KM OF 1P’S AND 1KM OF 2P’S WHICH COULD RAISE £ 878.71, then put a note in the suitcase or

Contact GRAHAME JACKSON – Tel 01368 238193 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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