Since Clarence visited us earlier this year much has happened to Clarence Tungunu.

He returned, completed his studies and was ordained as Minister in the Presbyterian Church in South Africa in charge of his flock at Eiffel Flats.

They are a very poor community and cannot pay him or barely support themselves. We agreed that Belhaven Church would see what we could do and we raised over £ 400.00 at a fund raising event recently.

At our last Kirk Session it was agreed that we continue this support and Grahame Jackson agreed to act as liaison.

Clarence was asked for and has now sent a “Wish List” and a draft 5 year plan to help build a Christian Community of self - help amongst the people who live there – there is no work, little food and no prospect of much improvement in the foreseeable future.

We are in contact with Rotary International and other Aid Agencies and, in the meantime, Graeme Glover our trainee Minister is due to visit South Africa on exchange in August so he may be able to find out more whilst he is there and then report back to us.

We will keep you informed of progress on a regular basis.

Please pray for this project, for Clarence and for the people of Eiffel Flats to give them hope.




If you have any ideas that may help please contact Grahame Jackson on 01368 238193 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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