Lord, we love this time

The music

The mood

The sense of being in touch with something

Sacred and profound


Lord, we love this time

For it makes better people of us

We think about others

With a sharpened compassion

We give

We share

We meet

We celebrate our blessings


Lord, we love this time

For it reminds us

That we are not alone

With our struggle and need

Not alone with our failures and capitulations


But that you have come among us

God with us


To show us another truth about ourselves

That we are your children

Precious beyond telling;


That you are involved with us

In a daring intimate dangerous connection

A bond

An unbreakable covenant of love


We can go for weeks – months

Without confronting our true stature

But when the child is born

And we dare to come out of the cold

To gather with a world

That worships him


Then we know who we really are

Where we truly belong.


Lord, we love this time

Though if scares us a little

To think these things through

It scares us when you ask us

To kneel and worship.