When we look at the world

Through the eyes of faith

We see your presence.


When we think about our life

Through the eyes of faith

We can discover your presence.


When we sing and pray and wait on your word

By faith


With open minds

And tender hearts


Then what we do is changed



And becomes so much more than

Tunes and words and ideas


But instead becomes

Praise, worship, healing


Not just an event

Something that happens in a church

But something that happens in us

Warming our heart with your truth

Driving our reluctance and hesitancy

In the direction of changed priorities

New ways of seeing…

A better kind of loving…


So give us the eyes of faith

Give us the believing heart

Help us by your Spirit

To worship you.







Our little town…


Rich folks

Poor folks


Happy people

Sad people


Old people

Young people…


Those whose lives are rolling along fine

Those who are drowning…


And here in the middle of it all

Your church, Lord



What can we do…

What can we be…for the people.


Lord we can pray for our little town

Our community

In its diversity, richness and need…


For the people we will meet

The chances we will have to make a difference

The words we can say that will heal and help

The hand we can offer

The way we will listen

The love we will show…


We ask your spirit and your grace….


And in the stillness

A prayer for our own needs


Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer…