Lord, the truth is sometimes

It’s easier to sing joyful songs to you

Than at other times.

When life is bright and sweet,

And everything is going fine…

Your will seems clear

The way ahead full of promise

And praise comes naturally to us…

At other times, Lord, the truth is

Singing any kind of song is hard

Impossible even

When faith is stretched and strained

And life slaps us in the face

And the news is bad

And the world is tough

And we can hardly sing

Still less sing songs of joy.

At times like this

We need each other

Other people to sing in brave defiance

When we have lost the power to sing

Other people to sing in vibrant faith

When our faith shudders and trembles.

Thank you Lord that your church

Through all the different experiences it has lived through

Still can praise you

Through all the struggles it has coped with

Still can bring songs of hope and promise


Or boldly


We praise your name.




For those whose hearts are heavy

We pray today.

For those who live in fear

As war and the threat of war

Press in on their peace of mind

We pray today.

For those who grieve

For those who worry

For those who wait

We pray today.

For those coping or not coping with disappointment

We pray

For those who live careless lives

And think nothing about consequences

We pray today.

For those who build our community

And make important things happen within it

We pray today.

For those who are finding their place among us

We pray today…

For your church – reaching out in love

We pray today.


And for our own lives – the people who share our story

Near and far

We pray today.