Father –

You love us and gave us life

You gave us a world full of mystery and beauty

And we thank you for it…


Lord Jesus Christ,

Whose love knows no limit

Whose life teaches us

The power of forgiveness

And the healing victory of mercy

We thank you for coming among us


Holy Spirit

We feel your call deep inside us

You show us what is true and what is false

In ourselves

And in the world

And when our strength fails us

You speak strength to our heart


The One God

Father Son and Holy Spirit

We bring our worship

Fragile, fallen, faltering though we sometimes are

We bring our worship.

We bring our need

For it is great

And we bring our hearts

For that is true worship

That is the only true worship…


We shelter in the shadow of your love

And we wait upon your presence










Lord help us to be one community of love


Help us to find a sweet agreement


Hold the nations of the world close to your heart


Teach us the ways of peace


Show us how to share your world



When our hearts grow hard

And we become indifferent to the plight of others

Show us your compassion

And fill us with your truth


When we are too weary and self absorbed

To be bothered

Inspire us with your spirit of truth

To the kind of service

The kind of caring

That makes things better for all your children


We pray for Christian Aid

Its work

And its workers


We know Lord

That you have no time for assemblies and fruitless debates

That you want justice

That you hear the cry of the poor…


Show us Lord, how to be your church…




Hear our silent personal prayers now…